Cofrastra® 70

The composite floor deck Cofrastra® 70 is a trapezoidal profile with slightly re-entrant cross section geometry and several types of embossments. Thus, this metal floor decking provides an outstanding composite action between the steel profile and the reinforced concrete slab. The floor deck permits composite floor constructions with mid-size spans or heavy loads for various building types, like offices, industrial and commercial projects up to bridges and even ski jump structures.

  • Provides a maximum of spans up to 3.80m without props
  • 20% weight reduction in comparison to a traditional prefabricated concrete slab floor
  • With temporary propping, the floor deck spans up to 6.0m like prefab concrete slabs
  • Maximum thickness steel profile: 1mm
  • Re-entrant profile allows a fast installation of ducts or suspended ceilings system
  • Acoustic performance with Rw values from 48dB to 54dB approved by CSTB
  • Metallic coating ZMevolution® or pre-painted steel
  • Calculation software: Cofra 5
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