Quality & Environment

Our Quality target: Long-term satisfaction of our Customers

Listening to and serving our Customers.
Highlight the partnership with our customers as a business value, push for continuous improvement in terms of meeting commitments, seeking efficient services, supporting projects and businesses and reducing non-conformities.

Innovate and prepare for the future.
Listening to the market and initiating new solutions and products in order to advance construction systems and the aesthetics of buildings. To be the expert and the technical reference for the building envelope. Strengthen the company's capacity to innovate, even to reform its internal and external practices with the digital transformation: connected, collaborative, dematerialized products and services, etc.

Ensure the sustainability and performance of our company.
Preserve the capacities of our industrial tools in a logic of strategic independence, increase the reliability and monitoring of our tools and strengthen the means of control to improve the final quality of our products.

Develop the skills of our employees and anticipate the consequences generated by our strategic and digital orientations.

Our Environment & Energy target: Prevent environmental impacts, control risks and meet the challenges of tomorrow

Strengthen our prevention and control of risks by deploying analyzes of the causes of pollution and monitoring plans.
Being a player in Sustainable Development by reducing our carbon footprint, pursuing our continuous reflection on changes in our production methods to limit their environmental and energy impact.
Ensure that we limit our consumption of raw materials, packaging, natural and fossil resources, and buy products that respect the environment and health. Deploy a responsible supply chain.
Engage in a responsible approach by including our Interested Parties.

Health & Safety

Our target in terms of Safety, Health and well-being at work: 0 accidents

Strengthen leadership.
Continuously educate our teams. Measure, inform and continuously monitor our corrective and preventive actions.

Ensure our risk control, by ensuring compliance with regulations and by analyzing potential risks and accidental facts in order to launch preventive and corrective actions. Put our teams at the heart of our actions to instill a shared and sustainable culture of safety.

Take into account the health and well-being of our employees at work, by strengthening communication and exchanges on well-being, health, sport, nutrition, the fight against addictions and by working closely with all of our teams and their representatives.

The success of this policy inevitably depends on the mobilization and commitment of all those who work for us and with us, let's improve together!

Our ambition

To be the benchmark for building envelope products. To be the quality partner of our customers, exemplary through the commitment of our teams and compliance with regulatory and normative requirements, by continuously improving our performance in terms of quality, health, safety, environment and energy.
ArcelorMittal Construction France has been involved for several years in Continuous Improvement initiatives and is once again formally committed to targeted and easily understandable objectives for the next 3 years.