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Irysa®, Sinea®

Type of building

Sport & Leisure

Isatis 79WG, Opale 9010
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Swimming pool Waalslag - Tiel

ArcelorMittal Construction, together with various partners, was involved from the very beginning (the idea of this project), which eventually resulted in a special and unique facade.  Swimming pool Waalslag has undergone a complete metamorphosis. Work began on the new section while users could still swim on the existing side.

Our Specials department applied an Isis 79/170-3 point profile and combined it with an Isis 79 custom-made profile. These Isis profiles have a custom-made perforation on one side. The perforation R06T09 is fully adapted to the width of the triangular section.

The colour is an iridescent coating called Irysa 50 (50mu thick) in the colour Isatis 79WG (blue-white metallic).  Back side consists of a Hairexcel 60 - 6906 (9006) coating.

  • Profiles: Isis 79/170-3 & Isis 79 custom-made
  • Perforation: custom-made R06T09
  • Coated on both sides
  • Coating: Irysa 50
  • Colour: Isatis 79WG

Products used

99 Laan van Westroijen 4002 GW Tiel Tiel