Solen® is a perforated steel profile used for creative facade. This siding can be made in stainless steel, prepainted steel and Kristal

  • This profile can be used as an overroof, sunshade, interior decoration or aesthetic facade cladding
  • Coverwidth: 250 mm
  • Height: 30 mm to 60 mm
  • Maximal length: 6 000 mm 
  • Hole percentage of the perforation: 20 %
  • Stainless steel or pre-painted or Kristal galvanized steel with a nominal thickness of 1 to 2 mm or aluminium alloy with a thickness of 1.5 and 2 mm
  • These facade sidings are installed independently of each other by means of self-drilling screws and are fixed directly to the secondary frame through the holes of the blades.
  • Secret fixing system



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