Chaotic is a system of 3 different sidings of the same width offering special shaped angles. By assembling these different sidings, the facade offers a cinetic visual effect. Chaotic can be placed vertically or horizontally.

  • Validated by CSTB, according "cahier N°3747 of Mai 2014" .

  • Chaotic is used on massonery, on twin skin, for new building and for refurbishing. 

  • Thanks to its concave and 160° convex bends, the CHAOTIC blade brings a kinetic dimension to the façade due to the relief play of the facing. Like fabric, they give a flexible, pliable, moving and dynamic look.
  • With a 300 mm grid, CHAOTIC sidings are available in 3 types that can be associated in any order:
    • Chaotic VI: 160° convex folding of 160°
    • Chaotic VS: 160° concave folding of 160°
    • Chaotic W: repetition of 3 folds at 160° (2 concave and 1 convex)
    • Invisible fixing
  • Rain screen system
  • Easy maintenance
  • Lenght up to 6m
  • Metal thickness : steel 1 mm / aluminium 1,5 mm
  • Standard width : 300 mm (other on request)
  •  Perforation on request
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