Trapeza® Plus

The roof covering insulated profile Trapeza® Plus has a cover width of 1000 mm, consist of classic geometry of external steel sheet 39T, addiditional PIR insulation core and internal Aluminium foil facing.

  • For low and medium hygrometry buildings
  • PIR foam PRT-Hexacore®
  • Can be used in agricultural applications
  • Reaction to fire B-s2,d0
  • Insulation core in 30 mm 
  • Visible fixings
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Trapeza Plus - 3D
Trapeza Plus - 3D internal facing
Trapeza Plus - 3D joint
Trapeza Plus - 2D
Trapeza Plus - 2D joint
Trapeza Plus - 3DTrapeza Plus - 3D internal facingTrapeza Plus - 3D jointTrapeza Plus - 2DTrapeza Plus - 2D joint

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