Cofrastra® 56

Cofrastra® 56S is a classical 600mm width metal floor decking with re-entrant profile geometry to build a composite floor system. Due to its completely smooth & optional coloured bottom flange its applicable not only for industrial floor systems but for any kind of slab constructions. The steel floor decking is available in 5 different steel thickness and it is slightly higher than the standard 51mm offer in this range permitting a cost-efficient design.

  • There are 5 different steel thicknesses available to optimise design using minimum of material
  • Provides smooth soffit, even pre-painted
  • Good performance in case of fire
  • Can be pre-punched to pass shear connectors of the composite steel beam
  • Re-entrant cross section allows a fast installation of ducts or suspended ceilings with Cofrafix system
  • Has a performing corrosion protection with metallic coating ZMevolution®
  • Calculation software: Cofra 5
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