Cofraplus® 80

Cofraplus® 80 is the lightweight and green alternative to concrete precast slabs. It offers economic advantages, optimized logistics and thus provide a solution in a green and environmentally aware package. Proposed with its accessories to facilitate the installation, compatible with all structural materials, Cofraplus® 80 meets the requirements of modern construction projects.

  • Due to the lightness of the profile (from 10.66 kg/m² to 15.14 kg/m²), the installation is fast, manual and with limited crane usage
  • Up to 30% reduced slab weight over precast slab leading to a positive impact on the design of the whole building, from the structure to the foundations
  • Cofraplus® 80 is stackable for efficient transportation and storage on site
  • Spans up to 4.50 m without props and more than 6.50 m with props
  • The dovetail on the top of the Cofraplus® 80 steel section allows suspended network (like tubes or ducts) and suspended ceiling elements without any drillings
  • Compatible with composite beams either with the standard version for connectors welded through the deck or with the pre punched version for connectors directly welded to the beams
  • Reduces the CO2 emission by 15% compared to a precast slab for the same project
  • Used with our metallic coating ZMevolution® for a superior durability and corrosion resistance
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  • Our design software Cofra 5 is freely available to realize the calculation notes specific to your project
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Cofraplus® 80 - 3D
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Cofraplus® 80 - 3DCofraplus® 80 - 2D

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