19.01.2022 - Products

ArcelorMittal Construction has launched Europe’s first standing seam roof insulating sandwich panel, branded Maukathem T iQ+.

It combines ArcelorMittal’s proprietary foam iQ+ System™ with a standing seam steel roof panel, suitable for use on almost any building with a minimum roof slope of 5 %.

For architects, Maukathem T iQ+ offers lots of potential for new and refurbishment projects, with a smooth and sleek standing seam outer finish, available in a range of practical coatings and attractive colours. ArcelorMittal Construction says that the contemporary standing seam aesthetic, inspired by the old-world elegance of France’s Haussman-era buildings, works just as well on new private housing projects as it does on refurbished public buildings, where it blends seamlessly with traditional architecture.

The new sandwich panel is available in two thicknesses - 70 mm and 100 mm, optimised for impressive Up-values of 0.29 and 0.20. It also features cleverly engineered interlocks and joints which drastically reduce the potential for thermal bridging between panels and significantly improve the air and water tightness of the system over non-integrated alternatives.

For contractors, the biggest attraction of Maukatherm T iQ+ is the fact that it is around 2.5 times quicker to fit than a standard zinc standing seam roof. That is because the panels eliminate the need for separate roof boarding and rafters and come pre-assembled from ArcelorMittal Construction with the thermal insulation and vapour barrier already incorporated.

Perrine Calvez, responsible for global product portfolio at ArcelorMittal Construction, said: “Maukatherm T iQ+ is a genuinely smart product offering fast and simple installation. We have designed our own concealed fastening system which is easy to use and delivers a smooth finish every time. We also offer a full range of accessories and flashings so that contractors can access a full one stop service from ArcelorMittal Construction.”

Architects and contractors can also benefit from full project support from the ArcelorMittal Construction team, including advice on the most appropriate coatings, finishes and colours for any application.

More details in video