21.05.2021 - Products

Introducing Cofraplus® 80 – ArcelorMittal Construction’s brand-new lightweight alternative to prefabricated concrete floor slabs: a new flooring solution for construction companies who want to build differently.

Using an 80mm high trapezoidal steel section alongside a lower volume of poured concrete, Cofraplus® 80 outperforms a traditional precast slab in a greener and more environmentally conscious package.

It delivers an estimated 25% reduction in overall slab weight, which has a positive impact on surrounding load bearing beams, columns and even foundations, leading to more cost effective, lower mass and ultimately more sustainable construction. Cofraplus® 80 reduces indeed the CO2 emissions by 15% compared to a traditional precast slab.

The cost saving and environmental benefits extend into efficient transportation, storage and installation. For a 1400 m² floor, because the lightweight sections can be efficiently stacked, Cofraplus® 80 requires only one truck delivery to site and 12 crane movements to unload, compared with 8 deliveries and 96 crane movements for a prefabricated slab.

Similarly, during installation, a single Cofraplus® 80 section weighs only 52 kg, whereas the equivalent precast slab weighs 1875 kg. A single team can manually safely install up to 600 m2 in just one day when a crane is needed to install the same surface of precast slab.

Thus, logistics is one of the key areas where Cofraplus® 80 really scores over the prefabricated concrete alternative.

Cofraplus® 80 is flexible enough to be adapted to specific project requirements and detailed design drivers. It can be used alongside all structural materials – including steel or timber beams and concrete, and with any kind of modern build method.

ArcelorMittal Construction has developed a new range of dedicated system accessories which mean it provides a complete solution for installing the slab and pouring the concrete.

Suspended elements such as tubes, ducts and suspended ceiling fixtures can be anchored using a specific accessory, so there is no need for drilling of the concrete during installation or refurbishment. This saves time and cost on floor adaptations and reduces noise levels for those living or working nearby.

In standard mode, the system is compatible with through-deck welding connectors or it can be supplied in a pre-punched version to suit shear connectors welded to the beam.

The Cofraplus® 80 system can span up to 4.5 m without props and more than 6.5 m with props. The geometry of the prefabricated steel means that it can serve both as shuttering during the pouring phase and reinforcement during the service phase. Its specific geometry means that composite action with the concrete is optimal.

More details on the system and the benefits